What Are the Pros and Cons of Dog Turf?

Dog running on artificial pet turf


Artificial dog turf is a synthetic grass that has been specially engineered for dogs. It is much more durable than your regular backyard grass and can resist the wear and tear of dog urine, traffic, weather, etc.

It also comes in different colors so you can choose what color or pattern to install it in your backyard or at the local park.

It may sound fickle, but finding a safe and reliable place for your dog to do their business in the yard has become an increasingly difficult task. You’re either creating brown spots in your green lawn or wasting tons of time by taking your pet on long walks.

Artificial turf for dogs provides a solution, as it can be installed in any size space and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Dog pottying on real grass


Pet turf is 100% synthetic and durable, made of high-quality polyethylene fibers. This artificial grass can be installed over any type of surface such as concrete, dirt, and asphalt.

The safety of pet turf comes from the installation process: it needs to be constructed with a top layer of protection to protect it from UV rays, moisture, chemicals, and other factors that can degrade the product.

It’s also important that small stones or rocks are not included in the base as they could harm your pet’s paws or teeth. The synthetic fiber blades or strands create a texture that is remarkably similar to real grass, making it a soft, comfortable surface alternative for those pets who are getting on in age.


The fake grass also provides the same feel as natural grass and animals can’t tell the difference.

Here are 5 biggest advantages of dog turf:

  1. Dog turf is easy to clean – picking up after your pup will never be easier than it is with synthetic turf. Plus, the artificial grass material itself is easier to clean. Just a quick rinse off with a hose will usually be all you need for any problem areas.
  2. Durability – Dog traction lasts a lot longer than other kinds of grasses, which means you don’t have to spend as much money on replacing your pet’s lawn or dog run nearly as often.
  3. Synthetic turf doesn’t require any water, fertilizer, or pesticides which makes it more environmentally sustainable.
  4. Pet turf is hypoallergenic because the materials are not organic and are resistant to mold or mildew growth making it safe for dogs with allergies.
  5. Artificial turf for dogs reduces pet injuries— not only is their lawn devoid of harmful rocks or other sharp objects but the cushioned feel of artificial dog turf is also easier on the paws (and joints for older dogs).


While artificial dog turf is a fantastic option for pet owners, there’s no denying that the biggest disadvantage will be upfront cost.

Artificial pet turf installation can be considered costly by some, but we often find the convenience, low maintenance, and overall improvements to the quality of life for your pets pays for this investment in no time.

Odors and sanitation can also be a disadvantage for some homeowners. Because their pet’s new playground is less “natural”, the obligation to pick up after your pet is more crucial. For those who may tend to slack on those duties, odor control and sanitation measures will need to be taken, which is something they may not have had to do with a natural grass environment.

At Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf of Kentucky, you can have special materials included with your pet turf installation to aid in the elimination of odors down the line. Contact us to find out more!


Artificial dog turf brings a plethora of benefits to the everyday pet owner (and commercial pet spaces), including lower maintenance, incredible durability, and superior comfort for your dogs.

However, there are many different types of synthetic turf available on the market, and not all of them are perfect for your pet.

At Xtreme Green of Kentucky, we’ve made a living off providing superior products for your dogs. Our selection of pet turf products is expansive, but to help you narrow it down even further here are two of our favorite options:

  • SoftLawn Pet Premium: Durability is the name of the game with this brand of turf. Built using Ultra XQ yarn, Pet Premium will stand up to both “Fido” and the test of time.
  • SoftLawn Kennel Cut: With added thatch layers and a four-color blend, this dog turf is one of our premium products for both residential and commercial customers.


Our synthetic dog turf features top-of-the-line production and materials, making it one of the softest, most comfortable, and most durable line of pet turf in the Kentucky artificial turf market. Our local Kentucky team of artificial turf installers boasts quick turnaround times and courteous service.

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