Artificial Turf Around Pools

Best artificial grass around pools

A splash of beauty and safety.

With the increased popularity of residential pools, so too, has the desire to add beautiful and functional perimeters using synthetic turf. As the standard bearer for Midwest artificial turf installations, Xtreme Green is the leader in design and installation to help add a perfectly manicured and natural look around your backyard pool. And that’s not the only reason homeowners trust us with their pool turf needs.

Low maintenance requirements

Engineered for extreme traffic and durability

Improves pool safety with enhanced traction

Installed by our experienced and licensed team

The perfect poolside finish.



Artificial grass around swimming pools has boomed in popularity among our many different forms of synthetic turf installations for a number of reasons:
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic
  • Provides extra traction compared to other slippery surfaces
  • Improves pool and deck safety
Similar to artificial patio turf, our artificial pool turf is made from highly durable material to create a low-upkeep poolside that lets you sit back and enjoy the summertime. Transform your pool deck area into a manicured, artificial grass surface that looks good and keeps you comfortable year-round. Our pool turf installation crew boasts years of experience and completes the install process quickly and efficiently, all while respecting your home and your privacy!