Baseball & Batting Cages

Major league feel, with little maintenance.

The advent and advancement of synthetic turf technology continues to create more playing possibilities for players, parks, and institutions nationwide. And Xtreme Green has become the preferred installer of baseball and softball diamonds throughout the Midwest and beyond. Here are just a few more ways we can improve your facility with synthetic playing surfaces.

Baseball and softball fields of any size

Safe, durable and dependable for ideal play

Minimize lost time due to weather related events

Halos, on-deck circles, stance mats, bullpens, cage applications and more

Game lines and logo integration available for total customization

Experienced and licensed installation

The gold standard in synthetic turf baseball diamonds.


Consistent Ball Roll And True Bounce

Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf for baseball fields ensures a consistent ball roll and true bounce, creating a level playing field for every game. Our turf fibers are designed to feel like natural grass, providing a reliable and predictable surface for fielders, batters, and base runners. With our baseball synthetic turf, you can eliminate awkward bounces you often see with traditional grass fields.

Baseball and Softball Field Artificial Turf

Traditional baseball and softball fields experience heavy foot traffic, intense play, and frequent maintenance activities. Our turf is built to hold up to the demands of the game, offering exceptional durability and longevity. Our turf is engineered with high-quality materials that can endure constant use, inclement weather, and the wear and tear of sliding, running, and fielding. No more muddy patches, uneven surfaces, and field closures due to weather conditions. With our synthetic turf, you can enjoy a consistently playable field, season after season.