Athletic Turf

Sideline authenticity for gametime performance.

Synthetic turf solutions aren’t limited to physical sports field applications anymore. With the growing versatility and popularity of artificial turf in recent years, Xtreme Green has become the Midwest leader in synthetic athletic turf installations.

Perfect for gym floors, weightlifting and agility training

Forgiving surfaces promote reduced injury risks

Ideal for indoor or outdoor uses

Game lines and logo integration available for total customization

Experienced and licensed installation

Where athletes turn for first-class facility surfaces.


When is comes to sports fields, Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf has you covered. We have installed football fields, baseball fields, tennis courts and more! We have turf specifically designed for the performance needs of athletic fields. Contact us today to find out why we are the go-to turf installer for athletic fields. Our turf surpasses industry standards to ensure that your sports turf has exceptional wear and tear protection.

Athletic Turf for Baseball, Tennis, Football and More!

Our synthetic turf surfaces are engineered to provide consistent ball bounce, reliable traction, and superior shock absorption, allowing athletes to showcase their skills with confidence. Whether it’s the precision of a tennis match, the agility required on a football field, or the durability necessary for a baseball diamond, our athletic turf delivers exceptional playability and durability. With our turf, athletes can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, low-maintenance playing surface that enhances their performance and sets the stage for unforgettable sporting moments.