Featured Application: Birthday Birdies


This week’s Featured Application comes to us from the folks with PLAYRITE in Knoxville, Tennessee. Chad Simmons and his team recently completed this charming putting green in a residential back yard.

This project was planned and purchased as a 40th birthday present for the client’s husband.

Initially, the customers were going to attend the Ryder Cup this year. However, the event was canceled, so they decided to install a putting green instead.

Chad and his team completed this install with two Synthetic Turf products, and they match up flawlessly. NP50 was used for the putting surface, and SoftLawn® Kentucky Blue Plus was used to wrap the green, as well as for the rest of the site.

The results are superb.

The client’s pool was already filled before the clients purchased their home in the spring. They were struggling to find a use of the space and realized that a putting green would be a perfect fit.

Chad designed the green to have a large tier in the back corner to create very interesting putts from all directions.

The install went very smoothly with no hiccups or problems. The only challenge they had was a small access point for supplies to go in and out.  That presented no problems for Chad and his team.

Chad is a Certified Landscape Installer by the Synthetic Turf Council.

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This post was originally published here by Synthetic Turf International.