Picture your lawn. You’ve worked incredibly hard to maintain its condition. It’s nearly perfect.

Now picture your pet sprinting across your perfected lawn, leaving a hard-packed path right through the center of it. A hole is dug, burying patches of grass you’ve labored hours on to pieces. Your house is left with a trail of dirty paw prints from the remains of your lawn. Where’s the solution?
You could lose the pet, but that’s not a practical solution. Lucky for you, there’s a way to maintain your lawn, while keeping your pet. Installing a synthetic pet turf may be the solution for you.

Synthetic pet turfs are becoming more prominent with pet resorts across the nation. Synthetic turfs offer a cleaner, safer, and more durable alternative. They are also easier to maintain than a grass lawn. But most importantly, a synthetic lawn leaves your yard looking amazing year-round.

A synthetic pet turf such as Xtreme Green’s SoftLawn provides an “innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves on a daily basis, during transport, or while on vacation”. The lawn is easily cleaned, without the worry of a mess being left behind. Pets will no longer leave a trail of paw prints when they enter your house.

Your pet also deserves a safer surface. Synthetic pet turfs eliminate the risk of a cut paw on a sharp object buried in the grass. The turf leaves objects visible and doesn’t allow them to sink into the ground. The cushion of the synthetic turf provides a supportive surface that eases the stress on the joints of your pet.

Synthetic pet turfs are also more durable compared to a grass lawn. Turfs are expected to last for years without needed replacement. They allow for a high flow drainage rate, eliminating puddles in your lawn.

Best of all, synthetic turfs ease the labor of maintain a perfected yard. Forget about the hours spent on lawn care. Forget about fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides. A synthetic pet turf appears lush and green year- round.

Let’s consider the worries of the skeptics. Yes, a synthetic turf may cost a bit of cash to install, but eliminating the cost and labor of lawn care may be worth it. Some may argue that natural grass offers a cooling affect that a synthetic turf cannot provide. True, but an underground irrigation system can be installed if that becomes a significant problem.

The pros of installing a synthetic pet turf outweigh the cons. If you’re fine with your lawn looking like a mess and aren’t worried about the safety of your pet, then a synthetic lawn isn’t for you. However, if you’d like a beautiful lawn year-round, that’s low maintenance, and provides a safe surface for your pet, then I suggest a synthetic pet lawn for you.