The Loading Dock is an expansive waterfront restaurant located in Grafton, IL.

For decades we combined patio dining with green spaces of natural grass.  The grass was used as a place for people to gather and children to play, as well as bag toss games.  The volume of customers has grown dramatically over the years which led to dead grass and unsightly brown spots.  This combined with the flooding which occurs along the Mississippi River made switching to synthetic turf our best choice.
Extreme Green installed large areas of turf in our green spaces and it has had a dramatic affect on  the aesthetic beauty of our business.  Guests are drawn to the natural appearance of our green turf.  We have had 3 floods cover the turf since installing it which leave mud and debris after receding.  Instead of being left with mud pits we simply squeegeed and hosed off the turf and it was as good as new.  The continuing service and maintenance that Extreme Green has provided has been exceptional.  We intend to add more turf to our final troubled area of natural grass.
I sincerely recommend this company for anything from putting greens to football fields, and everything in-between.